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About Ashurst

A Rural Parish

A short drive from Steyning this small parish of Ashurst has some very special celebrity links.  Home to just 279 people, it enjoys incredible views of the surrounding West Sussex countryside due to its position just North of the South Downs.   Amongst its most famous residents must probably be Lord Olivier, who lived her with his wife for many years and was often seen having a drink at Ashurst’s public house, the Fountain Inn.  Lord Oliver’s funeral was held at the local church, St James’s, with a wealth of well known faces attending such as Douglas Fairbanks Jnr., Sir Alex Guinness & Maggie Smith.  The Fountain was also the setting for the recording of the Beatles iconic song, Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas.  A small village maybe, but along with enjoying a beautiful rural setting, it most certainly packs some celebrity status.